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Training With A Clicker

The puppy who learns the rules of fetch-and-carry has taken a big step forward into being a well-trained adult dog. In this way, he also finds that learning can be fun. Roughhousing, though not too roughly, teaches him to play and not bite and to work to get something he wants, still without hurting the person holding it.

In the course of a good rough and tumble, you will use words that he will remember next time. He will learn "Stop that," if he gets rough himself. If he needs reprimanding, a firm "No!" and a quick tap on the rump should make him behave.

Reward him when you are teaching him something new, and let the play increase his understanding of you and your understanding of him. The time you spend with him can develop into a closer bond. Try using Clickers as they are a fun and fast way to speed up your puppy's learning process.

Clicker training relies on behavior shaping principles that mark desired behavior. To begin, get ten treats. Click and treat; before you are finished, your puppy will be happily alert to the sound. Now use the clicker for training and to encourage good habits.

1. House-training: When your puppy eliminates in the right area, say "get busy." Click the instant he finishes; then treat and praise warmly.

2. Jumping: When your puppy jumps, look away, Click, treat, and pet him after all four paws are on the ground.

3. Chewing: Anytime your dog is chewing an appropriate object, click, treat, and praise.

You can iron out everyday frustrations with the clicker. Use it to encourage silence, to train him to ask to be let out, to create a positive association to kids, and more. Also use a clicker to teach basic commands such as the following:

1. “Sit” command: "Sit," luring your dog into position with a toy or treat if necessary. Click, reward, and praise.

2. “Down” command: "Down," luring your dog into position with a toy or treat Click, reward, and praise.

3. “Come” command: Throughout the day, command "Come" when your dog's near you.

Protect your puppy against what is really teasing, such as when children consistantly press the clicker as a joke. Your puppy will be confused because you have trained him that when he hears the clicker he gets a treat. In addition, never play with him until the point of exhaustion.

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