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Initial Basic Puppy Training  Words That Your Puppy Needs To Learn

Where do you start when trying to train a new puppies? What are the basic puppy training words that I should teach him? Do I just put on their dog collars and leashes and hope that they will understand eventually. These are the sort of questions cross peoples' minds when they first take home a new puppy. The actual words you use don't really matter as your puppy is like a baby and doesn't know any words at all. What is important is to use the same word each time for each separate command. By using the same basic puppy training words your puppy will soon learn and be able to react to combined command words.

Listed below is a sample of basic puppy training words to use on your dog. With these words, any dog can live in harmony with his human family, more or less.

No (Permission denied). This is probably the first word a puppy hears, or at least that registers as a word. It is important for every dog to know a word that stops him from urinating on the carpet, hogging the bed, running out into traffic, nabbing that piece of chicken, and chewing on the sofa or your shoe. “No” is that magic word.

Ok (Permission granted). In order to have a balanced, happy, obedient pet, approval is just as important as disapproval. You can give your pet permission to do something he'd do anyway, just to show him it's ok with you. This reinforces your position as the leader. It also increases the amount of positive re-enforcement in your dog's life. This basic puppy training release word is ideal to use to let them out of of their dog cages if you decide to use one, out of the house, into the car, at his dinner, and onto your bed. Dogs learn “Ok” instantly.

Good Dog (Approval from the top). By saying “Good Dog” in the proper tone, dogs will give you everything even if at the initial stages they don't like say, to be put in the dog cages. Saying “Good Dog” is the most important tool any owner has in basics dog training his pet. Important here to make sure your voice sounds happy and pleasing so your puppy knows he has done well for you.

Bad Dog (Disapproval from the top). “Bad Dog,” from the right lips, can be more powerful and more effective than any dog collars and leashes correction, any shaking, any cold shoulder, any confining, any anything you would think of doing to your disobedient dog. He must have your approval because you are his leader and he wants to please you.
When you deny him that, you have already made a serious correction. No puppy grows to adulthood without hearing his share of “Bad Dogs.”

After he has mastered the above commands we can start to increase his basic puppy training words to include some more precise commands.

Sit (Plant your rump). Even an untrained dog should know “Sit” and “Stay.” How else can you have any order or control? Dogs must sit while you wait at the vet, while getting their dog collars and leashes put on, while waiting for his bowl to be filled or the traffic light to change, and while being groomed.

Come (Join me). The “Come” command is a crucial word in every dog's vocabulary. You need to be able to teach your dog to come quickly, cheerfully and willingly when he is off leash, out of doors, and playing with his friends.

Off (Get off). The command “Off” is the proper word to say when you find your pet eating a greasy bone on your brand new white couch or shedding in your bed. It's also good for correcting jumping or any other situation in which the dog's big, hairy paws are on something they should be “Off.”

Don't forget it is crucial that you don't try to move forward too quickly with these basic puppy training words. If your puppy fails to react correctly to a particular command go back and practise it again with him until he grasps it. Patience is the key to good puppy training. You will reap the rewards later with his love and faithfulness to you. There are further puppy training words in my article titled more puppy training words.

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Initial Basic Puppy Training  Words That Your Puppy Needs To Learn

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