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Choosing The Best Pet Insurance For Your Dog

You want to buy the very best pet insurance for your four-legged friend, but arenít quite sure where to start? Choosing the best pet insurance policy for your dog means doing your research and comparing several companies side by side, in order to make certain that you are getting the best coverage for the money you want to spend. This doesnít have to be a difficult process; thanks to the internet, you can now compare several policies side by side, without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

The best pet insurance policies cover both illness and injury, and also provide protection and benefits if your pet is lost or stolen. The following insurance companies provide an ever-increasing level of coverage.

AKC Pet Insurance Plan

Like any standard health insurance company, AKC pet insurance comes with several benefits that are customized to meet individual preferences. Each plan offers a maximum coverage amount and quite obviously, the rate of the premium is directly proportional to the size of the coverage. Different plans are listed under AKC pet insurance policies that offer exclusive advantages in veterinarian care.

They have four dog health insurance plans. Essential Plan, Essential Plus, Wellness Plan and Wellness Plus. If we compare between Wellness Plan and Essential Plan, we can see that Wellness Plan offers more benefits including yearly physical health checkups, vaccinations and boosters, heartworm testing and management, yearly parasite and de-worming management, annual dental cleaning as well as flea and tick management.

If you go for the Essential Plan, you may receive the benefits of basic coverage and the premium value is the least expensive compared to all other plans. However, Wellness Plus offers all the top-notch benefits, but it costs the highest in respect to all other plans come under AKC pet insurance policy.

The ASPCA Pet Insurance Plan

ASPCA pet insurance includes a great variety of plans with an ever-increasing level of coverage. ASPCA conducted several researches prior designing these plans and each of the plans is designed optimally to satisfy your preference corresponding to your special needs. For example, Safety Plan offers basic accident coverage. This is the least expensive plan. It covers claims for accidental injuries or poison infliction. The Safety Plan is designed to enroll all dogs and cats despite of their age, breed or existing health condition.

Under their Advantage Plan, your dog is protected with accidental injuries and illness in addition to essential routine wellness care. APSCA pet insurance for Advantage Plan includes vaccinations, feline distemper, booster dosages, spaying and neutering, annual physical exam as well as heart worm testing. Premium Plan is as same as Advantage Plan, the only difference is with the former is to offer deluxe wellness care, in which leukemia test, feline leukemia vaccination, feline infectious peritonitis, lyme and bordetella vaccination, flea and heartworm medications and dental cleaning come under the coverage.

Banfield Pet Insurance

In the world of veterinary care the Banfield Animal Hospital is a unique idea and a wonderful success story. The idea of Banfield pet insurance stems from their commitment to making sure that your dog is healthy through regular visits so that any dog health problems can be quickly dealt with. By offering their form of Banfield pet insurance by working with dog owners to help keep dog health costs down. Banfield pet insurance is not a policy you can buy but rather Banfield pet insurance is a way of working with Banfield to monitor your petís health and avoid dog health problems.

Banfield began opening animal hospitals in Petsmart locations and this helped to spread the word of the Banfield way all over the country. Banfield used this opportunity and national exposure to begin their own expansion of their practice and they began building animal hospitals all over the United States offering the very same quality of care, commitment to pet health, and ability to work with the dog owners to help not only deliver necessary care to dogs and other pets but making it as affordable as possible that they were famous for offering in Portland, Oregon for 50 years.

Now Banfield is adding new locations at a rate of almost 80 hospitals per year and that momentum does not appear to be slowing at all. Pet owners seem to be responding to quality health care for their pets with an ability to also take the pet ownerís needs into account as well.

Pet Health Insurance in Canada

Pet health insurance in Canada is well outlined and offers a number of benefits. Due to medical costs for illness of pets is in constant rise, more dog owners turn to pet health insurance in Canada. Many insurance companies have now made a number of insurance options for dogs available in order to allow the pet owner to be prepared for any dog health emergencies.
When you have a pet, you know that unexpected health problems can mean unexpected visits to the vetís office.

These are some of the benefits you can get instantly by drawing a pet health insurance in Canada. However there are a number of companies who have many other options to choose from to suit any pet and any budget.
* Great rates starting as low as $8.95 a month
* Accidents and illness coverage
* Premium not affected by the age of your pet
* No set up fees

Having easy access to a vetís office without worrying about the bills that follow after will enable you to provide your dog with proper health care. Canada Pet health insurance in is made with every owner's budget in mind and all dog ages. Getting insurance is not conditional to your dogís.

Another point of pet health care insurance is that you should take your dog for regular check-ups, at least once in 6 months or every year. Do not miss appointments, and go and get them vaccinated against various diseases, at least once in a year. Besides that, give your pets supplements such Chinese herbs, Ayurvedic medicines, antioxidants, dietary supplements such as shark cartilage, Coenzyme Q10, Chondroitin Sulfate and others as often as you can.
Looking after your dog's health will certainly contribute to a longer life for your devoted friend.

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