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Considering Dental Pet Health Care

You will be surprised to know that dental pet health can increase your petís life span. You surely remember that from you mom, grand mom, teachers, and last but not least your dentist, all have repeatedly urged you to brush your teeth regularly. They all also told you that by not doing so you can cause damage to your teeth.

The same thing is valid for your dog as well. Dental pet health care is becoming a necessity in order for your dog to lead a happy, healthy and longer life. A study shows that by the age of three, 80% of dogs have developed gum disease; in the same study it has been proven that by not practicing regular dental health care your pet will not only loose their teeth but also damage their liver, heart, kidneys and other organs.

Your dog is known as ďmanís best friendĒ and should be treated like they are your best friend. If your dog is your best friend, your heart goes out to them completely and making sure they are healthy is important. Without dog pet health insurance, you are likely to pay high out of pocket expenses for their treatments as they grow older.

Some dental insurance companies can be quite costly, but as long as you do some research on your own, you can find coverage for your dogís needs. You should make sure you follow some basic principles if you are going to get coverage that is beneficial for your dog.

You often must have wondered or exclaimed about your petís bad breath; that however, is the first indicator of dental problems. Left unattended they form tartar and plaque in the petís mouth affecting first the gums. This leads to periodontal disease that can cause bacteria and toxins which enter the blood stream with potential harmful effects on internal organs.

Finding Proper Care

Dental pet health must be conducted by a veterinarian. Some states (such as California) clearly specify that such practice such only be conducted by qualified personal to protect your pet from injuries.Dog owners should not allow their dogís teeth be cleaned in a grooming store or pet shop under any circumstances. Not following proper procedures can severely harm your dog.

Veterinarians are trained in animal dentistry and have the right equipment to conduct such dental health care for your dog.

Brushing Your Petís Teeth

Ideally your dogís teeth should be cleaned everyday; just like us humans, they eat daily putting their teeth and dental pet health at risk.

Here are some tips to keep your dogís teeth and gums healthy:

* In the case that you have never brushed your petís teeth start by rubbing his/her gums from front to back. Make sure to wrap some gauze around your finger first and then try dipping your finger into beef bouillon for dogs and tuna water for cats; this usually gets them get familiar with the idea of brushing teeth without opposing it.

* The next step is to try the brushing with a soft brush as well as specially made toothpaste (usually meat flavored) both of which you should find in your vetís office.

* Do not force your dog in brushing, try for as much as possible to make it fun. Remember not to press to hard and cause bleeding.

* Keep the session short as even the shortest of sessions will benefit your pet a great deal.

Make sure to have regular dental check visit to keep a track of the dental pet health care. You will notice a healthier dog that will be around for you enjoying life longer. Having a dog is fun, but you must know how to keep them well. It is essential to know at least the above pet health information to ensure their well being.

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Considering Dental Pet Health Care

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