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The Labrador Retriever is one of the most wonderful and amazing breeds ever developed. A Labrador puppy is a bouncy bundle of black, yellow or chocolate fun and games. A Labrador adult is one of many things. He is an excellent guide dog for those who are sightless or visually impaired: The Labrador Retriever is the breed used most often as guide dogs for the blind. Because they love to fetch for their masters, Labs are very popular as service dogs for those who are wheelchair bound.

If you work with detector dogs, the Labrador is probably your breed of choice because of his keen nose. He is one of the best breed for detecting drugs, explosives and arson. If hunting is your sport, you know that Labs are the most popular hunting companions of all the retrieving breeds. Eager-to-please, Labs also make great Therapy dogs, bringing joy to people confined to hospitals and nursing homes.

If you decide to become involved with showing for conformation or competing in obedience or field trials, once again, Labs are very popular for all three competitions. When it is time for your family to choose a pet, you probably cannot go wrong with a Labrador Retriever, especially if you are an active family on the go and want a dog who can keep up with your active lifestyle. Because of their happy-go-lucky attitude, Labs are great with children and adults. A Lab is never happier than when he is with his family. They are very funny characters who loves to entertain us endlessly.

What constitutes a "good" Labrador is outlined in the breed's official American Kennel Club (AKC) standard. Every breed has a standard that is a comprehensive list of the specific characteristics that make one breed distinct from another. You can obtain a copy of any breed's standard from the AKC. After reading a breed's standard, you should be able to visualize a well-balanced specimen of that breed.

A picture, along with the narrative of a dog considered to be a very good specimen, is usually included. There really is no perfect dog. Breeders are always striving to breed dogs that come as close to the standard as possible, but when you are dealing with living creatures, the variables are numerous.

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