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Teaching  The “Enough” Dog Training Command

Teaching your dog to do as he is told requires a certain amount of patience. But once he learns what you want him to do he will respect and love you even more. Always use a tremendous amount of praise everytime he reacts to your enough command. Try and make it fun for him as your dog really wants to play as well as please you.
“Enough” is one of the most unusual yet necessary commands you will ever teach your pet. It is a command that will stop an activity when it is time to do so, which is after it was “Ok” and before it gets to be too much.

To teach your dog the “Enough” command, wait until he is about to go too far with something. A perfect example would be a noise at the door. He runs to the door, listens, maybe sniffs, and then begins to bark. After a good minute or so, you notice that your loyal watchdog is still barking. This is the perfect time for him to learn the word enough!

With a deep, resonant but not overly loud tone, say his name followed by “Enough.” What happens next? He will turn and look at you while waiting for a response. You will then praise him immediately for stopping and looking at you. If he resumes barking, repeat the “Enough command!” with a more assertive tone and again praise him if he stops.

However, if your dog is an incessant barker, you will have to get up, go to the door, grab his collar and give him one good gentle shake followed by saying “Enough.” Praise him when he stops.

If your dog has not gotten the message at this time and starts yapping again, turn quickly back to him. Give him three shakes this time and then repeat the command “Enough!” Take him away from the door and do an occasional check to make sure he has not sneaked away. Practice with this free Online Dog Training Lesson

You can use the Enough command  in a variety of situations. A good example is when you are playing with your dog and you do not feel like playing anymore or when he gets too excited during play and gets too rough and starts mouthing. Say “Enough” and stop the play. If necessary, grab him and hold him until he looks at you then say the command. Do this repeatedly until he gets the message.

Other types of situations when it is appropriate to give this enough command are the following: when giving treats; when playing fetch, when on an outing. Your dog will quickly learn that “Enough” means that whatever he is doing was ok but it is going to stop for the time being.

It is important to keep in mind that “ the Enough command” and “No” are two different commands and should be used carefully so as not to confused your dog. “Enough” means that what was happening was ok but has to stop for now. On the other hand, “No” means that whatever he is doing is forbidden now and at all times.

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Teaching  The “Enough” Dog Training Command

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