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Dog Health Problems
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Dog Hemorrhoids
Guide To Diagnosing And Treating Dog Hemorrhoids 

Dog Health Emergencies
During an emergency or an accident, you can reduce your dog’s immediate pain.......

 Pet  Grooming

There are a number of grooming  methods that can be used to groom your dog ....

Types Of Dog Leash Material

Chain Collars: Chain collars are usually of the slip-choker or pinch-collar variety. These collars are used strictly for training, so once trained, dogs should be outfitted with more comfortable equipment. The chain slip collar can be a very effective tool when used correctly. If you have one of these on your dog, and he is choking at the end of the leash, take it off. Knowledge of correct usage is essential or the collar is merely abusive. The device is meant to be worn loose on your dog and used in conjunction to voice and body postures. Learning how to use it takes practice and usually professional assistance.

Cotton Leashes: Dog handlers have always used these leads for their durability and cost effectiveness. They are a comfort in your hand and are easy to find in any local pet supply store. You should still look for the leash with the brass clip. It may cost a bit more but is apt to last longer. You can buy a coiled dog leash which can be put away tidily.

Nylon Leashes: Nylon leashes are very strong but can be a little rough on the hand if your dog forges on its leash. Advantages for a puppy are that nylon is hard to chew up, therefore there will be less mouthing on the lead. If necessary, the leash is porous enough to soak in taste deterrent and is washable.

Nylon Collars: As with the nylon leashes, these collars are also very strong. They are great house collars. You can hang your dog's vaccination and identification tags off of them. They are durable, affordable, and available in many colors.

Car containment: Body harnesses as car containment devices are excellent and can be purchased commercially. Most dog owners feel that for a dog's safety in a moving motor vehicle, some type of containment is best. Alternatives are crates, dividers, or affixed leads to a flat collar. If your dog rides free in the car, be careful.

Do not allow your dog to hang halfway out of the windows. It is bad for his eyes. Please do not allow your dog to sit in your lap while you drive, no matter how small the dog. It can be dangerous for both of you.

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Types Of Dog Leash Material

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