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Dog Hemorrhoids
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Strong Durable Leashes

Leashes are the staple choice of dog supply needs that every dog owner must have. They aid in training your dog, as well as simply keeping him close while on a relaxing walk through the park. Depending on your needs and the size of your dog, all types are available to you. Below are a few examples of leashes:

Steel Cable Leash: I have seen steel cable lines coated with plastic that have a leather handle and are sold as a leash. I guess it would be difficult for a dog to chew through steel cable, but it looks a bit uncomfortable in the owner's hands. Leashes are most comfortable when the excess can be folded neatly into your hand. This is difficult to do with coated steel cable. Steel cable works very well as a tie-out cable. This cable also comes in varying degrees of thickness. When leaving your dog out on a cable line, you should be able to supervise your dog or at least keep him in visual contact just in case he becomes tangled or threatened.

Retractable Leash: While the variable length is a great Option to have, this leash may fail to give support in a problem situation. The handle can be awkward to manage at times. I have seen owners in New York City allow their dogs to walk along the entire sidewalk on retractable leads, which can be both dangerous and annoying.

The retractable is great for teaching the "come" command because it allows the dog to wander a specific number of feet from you, giving you opportunity to give a command and be able to reinforce it.

Lunge lines: Lunge lines are usually employed by equestrians to exercise their horses. These lines are about twenty-five to thirty feet long and one inch wide and made of cotton, while some are made with leather and steel swivel spring snaps. These are great for use as an outdoor drag-line, country walking, or a tracking line. They are fairly inexpensive and are invaluable in terms of controlling at a distance.

Lead lines: Horse lead lines are about eight to ten feet long and five-eighths of an inch around and very strong. These work well as house drag-lines due to their durability and inexpensive cost. You may have to visit a tack shop to find these.

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Strong Durable Leashes

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