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Dog Health Problems
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Dog Health Emergencies
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 Pet  Grooming

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Solid Dog Behaviour Training Tips    

A really important piece of advice I always give when dog behavior training is keep it simple. A puppy learns to do things in a step-by-step manner. For example, in teaching him to stay, do not expect him to stay put for several minutes at a time while you are off someplace away from him.

You must first teach him to stay while you stand toe-to-toe in front of him, then to stay when you are standing a couple of feet out in front of him. After he has learnt that continue his dog behaviour training to stay by walking around him, then to stay while you are standing several feet away and not holding on to the leash.

Starting dog behaviour training with pups it will take several weeks to progress through these steps, but they are necessary if you want to teach "Stay" effectively. If you tell him to do something before you have properly trained him to do it and then scold him for not doing it, you are asking for trouble with your dog behaviour training. The pup will lose his confidence and will learn not to try.

Most dogs can be very intelligent and owners need to realize that in the first step of dog behavior training. However, this is good news because it means that your dog behaviour training is not going to be too difficult if you go about it accurately. Here is some solid advice for those interested in behaviour dog training and what is involved:

Dog Behaviour Training - Specifics

The timing of corrections and congratulations needs to be regular when you are training your dog. Your actions should be near flawless. Dog behavior training allows little room for error. If you do not advise or praise the dog while the action is occurring, it will be too late. In this type dog behaviour training, you need to assist the dog as the behavioral action is occurring.

Dog Behaviour Training - Consistency

When training your dog, you need to be consistent. If you never want your dog to scratch the door, do not ever let him do it no matter what the situation is. Dog behavior training is very sensitive to regularities.

Be habitual with your actions. If you do not want your dog to go on the sofa, then he never be allowed on that sofa—or your bed. In dog behavior training you learn that dogs do not understand the concept of occasionally or “if.” They only understand consistent permission or no permission-- ever.
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