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What To Do During The Judging 

Do not talk to the judge, or attempt to talk to him, while you are waiting for the dog show class to begin. Even if you have met the judge socially this is no time for a cozy chat. Don't strike up a conversation with the steward or with anyone sitting on the ringside - be ready to start.

While waiting in the ring for the class to begin it is a good idea not to let your dog get in a sloppy position. Frequently a judge's eye will roam over the waiting entries, and it is to your dog's advantage if he looks well at this moment. However, it is not necessary that your dog be in a show pose, unless the judge is actually making an attempt to judge the dogs while he is waiting.

This is important. It doesn't matter which of the breeds you may be showing, never hold your show lead with two hands. The lead should always be held completely in the left hand, either looped, crumpled up, or folded. There is nothing in showing a dog that points out inexperience so quickly and looks less graceful in the ring than a lead stretched between the left hand and the right hand in front of the handler's body. It looks as though the handler expected the dog to run away and he was prepared to "hold on with both hands" - a bad impression to give. Actually, the right hand is not doing a thing except holding on to the end of the lead, and with the lead in this poor grasp the handler's arms are in an ungraceful position; he does not have complete freedom of wrist movement without which he cannot as easily control the direction in which the dog is traveling nor the proper gait of the dog.

The correct way is very simple; try it. Put the lead on your dog. Hold your left arm at right angle to your body and ball up in your left hand all the excess lead necessary to make the lead taut between the dog and your hand. The lead will be longer for a small dog, shorter for a tall dog.

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What To Do During The Judging

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