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Staying Overnight With Your Dog 

So finally you and your dog are ready to leave for the show with all of your equipment ready in the car. You should perhaps place a cover on the upholstery and some newspapers on the floor of the car if your dog has not been car broken. Don't feed him or give him any water in the morning before the trip if he isn't car broken. Incidentally, car breaking is something you can do long before you start to show a dog.

Start when he is a puppy, with short rides daily. He will soon love it, and you will have no further trouble. Some dogs are wonderful riders and never have to be car-broken; Others never quite get used to riding. You are lucky if your dog is a natural rider.

Now is a good time to mention a few helpful hints about staying overnight with your dog when you take him to a show. Years ago it was not much of a problem, as almost all hotels allowed you to bring your dog into your room. However, so many people abused the privilege that the hotels have had to put an end to the practice.

There are still some hotels and some motels which will allow the dogs in the rooms, and usually the show-giving club prints the names of these establishments nearest the show grounds in the premium list. You can also obtain a booklet listing the names of hotels and motor courts which offer accommodations for guests accompanied by their dogs. Some establishments which accept dogs conditionally require that you sign a form stating that you will be responsible for any damage your dog may do.

No matter how well housebroken your dog is, or how accustomed he may be to staying in your house alone, when he gets in a strange place and is left completely alone he worries and frets and usually gets into trouble of some sort. He may soil the rug, tear the bed-spread, chew on the furniture, or just plain bark and howl. The folks in the room next to yours will certainly complain.

 Now I know you cannot take the dog into a dining room with you and you probably will be hungry after the trip; but see if you can't arrange to leave the dog in your car, particularly if he is accustomed to it and enjoys sleeping in it, at least until you finish eating and until you are ready to go to your room for the night. When you are with him he will probably settle down and be the angel he is at home and you will save yourself a lot of trouble and money.

 Besides, you owe it to other exhibitors and dog lovers who do manage to keep their dogs out of mischief, to see to it that the few hotels and motels who now allow you this privilege of having your dog with you, continue to do so. If your dog is accustomed to going out early in the morning, leave a call and get up at the same time and take him out.

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