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How Proper Puppy Grooming Training Can Aid In Showing Your Dog 

Another thing your puppy can be trained to do while he is growing up is to stand still for trimming and grooming. The grooming should be done while the puppy is standing in a show pose and this will help in your training him to pose. The main exceptions to grooming while in a show pose are breeds such as the Poodle, Afghan Hound and the Old English Sheepdog; and oddly enough it is these exceptionally heavily coated or long haired breeds who most of all need to behave well for trimming and grooming.

Let's take the Poodle first. He should at a very early age, be taught to allow the use of clippers on his feet and face without any fuss. If you do this often enough, perhaps every week or two whether or not he needs it, the puppy will not be afraid of the clippers and eventually it will mean no more to him than the combing or brushing. When brushing the Poodle puppy, lay him on his side and insist he stay in that position until you have finished, then turn him on the other side and again insist he stay until you allow him to get up. Then go over him when he is in a standing position (a show pose position) and insist on his behaving until you are finished. Perhaps then you could take him on a lead and go through his lead work before stopping for the day.

With breeds having relatively small coat problems, the trimming and grooming should be done while the puppy is in a show pose. It is recommended that a puppy always be trimmed and groomed while in a show pose on a table or crate top as it is easier for you to work on him and because of the height involved the puppy is more inclined to stand still. Never allow the puppy to determine when the chore is finished - keep him on the table until you have finished for the day and keep him as much as possible in the show pose.

You will be glad you spent the time training him to do this when at an important show some day and in a great hurry, your dog stands perfectly still while you give him that final going over before entering the ring. Don't forget to get him used to clipping or filing his toe nails - that's important!

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How Proper Puppy Grooming Training Can Aid In Showing Your Dog

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