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How To Practice Basic Dog Health Check Ups At Home 

In order to keep health problems in your dog from getting serious, you need to detect them early.  Sometimes just watching your pet and catching abnormal behavior can tell you that there is something wrong, even before the actual signs start to appear.  Therefore, it is necessary to give your dog a basic check-up about once a week.  This check-up takes no more than a few minutes, and it can help prevent problems as well as expenses down the road.

It is up to you to notice any changes in your dog behavior problems eating or other odd instances that may indicate that your dog is sick.  After all, he cannot tell you when he is feeling bad.  Check the dogís nose which should be cold and wet. Look for any discharge and/or physical changes in the appearance of the nose.  However, do not be too concerned if your dog's nose is hot or dry.

Next you need to examine for dog eye disease and injury. Many dogs unfortunately inherit or acquire eye disorders. However,sudden changes in the eyes of your dog may indicate a more complicated disease elsewhere in his body.  A thorough eye examination may be necessary if you notice any change from the last time you checked.

The mouth area can also be checked for gum inflammation and tooth decay.  Examining the dog's mouth will also give you a chance to check his blood pressure.  This is done by pressing your finger up against the gums.  If your dog has pale gums, then it could be anemia.  If it is a yellowish color this is may possibly signal a liver problem.

By checking the coat and the skin of your dog, you can determine the possibility of other dog health skin conditions.  For example, if the coat is dull in color, then this may be an indication of parasites or a minor infection that may exist anywhere else in the body.

If having given your dog a thorough check over you canít find anything wrong and your dog doesnít seem himself contact your vet. Any information that you can give to the vet will be helpful in determining what may be the problem.  In most instances, the vet will carry out a complete basic physical examination looking for the most common dog diseases.  During this examination he will more than likely ask you loads of dog health questions. So it is important that you have a good understanding of your dogís health problems.

One area your vet will almost certainly check if your dog is female will be the vulva for discharge or inflammation.  Either of these two could represent a disorder of the urinary system or the reproductive system.  Likewise, a male dog's testicles and penis are examined for possible inflammation and swelling. In the case of canine kidney disease natural treatment is often recommended. My vet actually supplies an all natural dog food recipe for kidney problems.

The vet will take a look at your dog's nails and also the nail bed for damage, if you have had problems trimming dog nails or there were signs of lameness.  Some dogs have uneven wear and tear on their nails which means that the dog has been favoring one leg and may have an injury.  If the vet finds that the nails are flaky, then further steps can be taken for a possible metabolic disorder.

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