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4 Tips To Aid Your Dog Of Diarrhea

Is your dog having a problem with diarrhea?  Does he have “accidents” while trying to get outside to go to the bathroom?  While your dog may not loosing too much sleep over the problem, there is no doubt that you are not happy with the runny mess being made in your house!

Diarrhea in dogs often happen because of eating something rotten from the outside, or even from getting into a chemical inside of the house.  There are times when he may have an intestinal virus that could be the cause.  Perhaps you suddenly changed his diet which may be a contributing factor to the problem. 

 Below are several tips in which you can use to effectively help your dog recover from diarrhea:

 1.  Do not let your dog have a continual feeding of food in the dish.  If you stop putting food in your pet, then he will stop having to use the bathroom.  So it is obvious that once you notice your dog has the runs, simply stop feeding him for 24 hours after the onset of diarrhea.  This alone could be enough to knock out the problem.  However, if after 24 hours have gone by and there is still a problem with your dog's bowel movement, then contact your vet immediately because something could be seriously wrong.

 2. Try feeding your dog bland foods for a while to keep her stomach calm.  When your dog is ready to begin eating again you may want to have a week at feeding bland foods to keep her digestive system calm.  Such bland foods may be skinless chicken or cooked white rice.  Another ideal food that fits perfectly for the sour stomach is boiled hamburger meat.

 3.  Remove any dairy products from your dog's diet.  Because most dogs lack the enzyme “lactase”, they have a very difficult time digesting milk.  Lactase is needed to properly digest the sugar in milk..  If you are feeding your dog any type of milk product and she has diarrhea, then completely eradicate milk from her food choices.  You will see dramatic improvement within days.

 4.  Keep your dog's system flowing with plenty of liquids.  When your dog has diarrhea, his body is depleted of liquids and essential fluids.  Be sure to keep your dog's water bowl full at all times.  And like people, dog's also loose a lot of minerals when their body is depleted of fluids, so it is a good idea to keep a separate bowl filled with Gatorade.  Gatorade is an excellent liquid that will help your dog's body with getting enough of the potassium and sodium that it lost.

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4 Tips To Aid Your Dog Of Diarrhea


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