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Rottweiler Dog Breed

The Rottweiler is a physically imposing and intimidating looking dog that ranks at the top of the charts for being an excellent watchdog and a family protector. This dog breed has a history that is said to have stemmed from the Romans, used as drover dogs, herding large stocks of cattle over great distances, and into many countries.

Rottweilers are said to have entered the United States sometime in nearly 1930s which then gained recognition by the AKC. Having become nearly extinct years earlier due to lack of functioning use by people, the Rottweiler has become one of the most popular dog breeds in today's households, making its mark in the top 10 most popular registered dogs of the American kennel club.

This animal is extremely bold, confident, and alert. In fact, the Rottweiler is a top pick for anyone who is looking for a watchdog that has extensive protection abilities. However, when a dog is as courageous and aggressively confident as the Rottweiler is, sometimes stubbornness comes with the territory in terms of training ability. However, it is worth putting in the extra time and patience when making this dog breed a household pet.

Upkeep And Maintenance: Like most large dogs, the Rottweiler must have physical activity on a daily basis. Mental play and obedience lessons should also be a part of the daily regimen. Vigorous games and long walks on the leash through safe areas would make an ideal day for the Rottweiler.

This dog has a preference for cold weather and enjoys the winter months. It has little ability to handle hot weather and humid temperatures. Rottweilers can become overheated fairly quickly if ran too hard during the summer.

In terms of living arrangements, this dog can live both indoors and outdoors. If chosen to live outdoors, you should ensure that your Rottweiler is equipped with plenty of shade and shelter during the hot weather. However, it is a known fact that this dog prefers to be indoors spending lots of time with its owners.

Health Information: The lifespan of the average healthy Rottweiler can last up to 11 years. Veterinarians suggest that specific tests be done for hip dysplasia, cardiac problems, vWD, and elbow dysplasia. The major health concerns that all Rottweilers may have are elbow dysplasia, SAS, CHD, and osteosarcoma.

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