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Lakeland Terrier Dog Breed

The Lakeland Terrier dog breed has an appearance that is very similar to that of the Welsh and the Airedale Terriers. These dogs are considered to be a first-class family pet that is considered to be excellent with children. Because this dog is of a sound temperament and convenient size, he makes for a great guard dog with an excellent warning bark.

The Lakeland Terrier has been used in the past for both fox hunting and badger hunting. In today's world this dog is kept mainly as a loving family pet as opposed to hunting. In addition to all of the fine qualities listed above, the Lakeland Terrier has in recent years been a very successful contender in the show ring.

Size: The average weight of this dog is just over seven Kg (or 17 lbs). The female Lakeland Terrier has an average weight of about six Kg (or just over 15 lbs). The height should not go over the size of 37 centimeters (or 14.5 inches).

History: The Lakeland Terrier originated at the Lake District of England, hence the word “Lake” in its name. However, this does was originally known as the Patterdale Terrier, named after the place it was first worked with for the local hunts. This dog was also known as the “working dog”. Having made its first appearance in the show ring in 1912, the Lakeland Terrier was recognized in 1921 and well established by 1931.

Feeding: The feeding advice for this dog is very common to most its size. Simply serve him up to one can of any type of branded meaty dog food choice, with biscuit added in equally. Another choice is to create meals that contain 1 ˝ cupfuls of a dry complete food, mixed with 1 cup of feed and ˝ cup of cold or hot water.

Exercise: This is one animal that has plenty of energy and is fast on their feet. So if you choose to have a Lakeland Terrier as a family pet, be ready to move a lot. This dog is always ready for a quick run or a brisk walk. And so long as you can provide plenty of outdoor exercise, this pet is ideal for apartment living.

Grooming: Trimming this dog breed does take some skill, but only if your goal is to trim him for the show ring. Otherwise, a simply daily brushing and a professional stripping in spring will do just fine.
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