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Rare Diseases That Attack Aging Dogs

A gentle dog and ever so lovable dog can Within a period of one week or so became suddenly aggressive. Growling often at his owner, developing an insatiable appetite, and finally having a severe convulsive seizure. An inoperable brain tumor is normally diagnosed.

Medication controls the symptoms and improves the dog's behavior for a short period of time. But then the seizures begin but with ever increased frequency and severity. Medication becomes ineffective at any dose and putting the dog to sleep is the only answer.

Tumors of the brain and spinal cord are seen with relative infrequency in the older dog, the former having a higher incidence in boxers and Boston terriers. Symptoms will vary depending on the actual location and size of the tumor but will often include dullness, staggering, pressing the head against a wall, walking in circles, convulsions, or just weakness in one or more legs.

In the hands of a competent veterinary neurosurgeon, many spinal tumors can be removed if detected before permanent damage has been done to the spinal cord. Chemotherapy is sometimes needed for a brief period following such an operation.

Brain tumors can only occasionally be removed, as most are inoperable due either to their size or location within the brain. Cerebral hemorrhage, also called apoplexy or stroke, is likewise a very infrequent occurrence in the canine.

Rabies is caused by a virus which is attracted specifically to nerve tissue and is transmitted by the bite of a rabid animal. However, there have also been rare reports in recent years of airborne transmission.

It has been traditionally believed for centuries that once symptoms of rabies develop, death is inescapable, and because of the hazard to other animals and people, such dogs are euthanized if they have not yet bitten anyone.

Recent reports of two human rabies cases which were treated successfully and survived the development of rabid symptoms, if confirmed, may possibly alter the present grim outlook for rabid dogs. With the extremely effective and safe vaccines available today to protect your aging dog, however, there is no excuse for you to ever have to worry about this disease.

Arteriosclerosis, that bane of human aging and a primary cause of senility, is quite rare in dogs. Hence it is unusual indeed to meet a truly senile dog. The dog aging proccess brings with it very few associated dog health questions requiring answers.

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Rare Diseases That Attack Aging Dogs

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