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Basics Dog Training
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Boxer Dog Training Can Be Easy

Boxer dog training can be fun both for the owner and the dog. The following article will cover a history of the dog and some fundamentals that any dog owner should learn about his or her best friend.

A Brief History of the Boxer
Boxers are of German origin and a mixture of many breeds. Originated from Molossians, who through mixing its breed, became the bullenbeisser who in turn mixed to create other two different breeds - the danzigers and the brabanters who were named after the area the came from. The brabanters became the root of the boxer’s origin and breed. This dates back to 18th century when dogs were part of almost every household.

In the 20th century German breeders established guide lines for each breed. The first boxer club was founded in Munich in 1895, where boxer dog training would take place; the first show held in 1904. The boxer was introduced to the American society in 1903 and grew slowly popular along the years.

Boxer Appearance

Boxers are square-headed, short coated with muscular body features. They have loose cheeks with the lower jaw sticking almost out over the upper jaw. They have a short tail.  Their typical height is - male 22-25 inches and the weight approximately 70 lbs. The females are smaller with just couple of inches and weigh about 60 lbs.

The boxer’s nose is broad and it almost looks as if it is squashed in. Boxers have a snarling expression which gives them a slightly mean appearance but, which they can be if that
is what he was thought in the boxer dog training course.

Training Your Boxer

Boxers are like almost all dogs, very loyal and intelligent. You must keep in mind when in boxer dog training that they are stubborn, self confident and have a very high prey drives. His strong features and personality needs careful work with the dog not against him/her.

Boxers are very good natured as well accepting strangers which ease making it easy to give him/her for boxer dog training should you not want to do it yourself.

However, should you choose to train your boxer yourself, you must first try and understand your dog. They, just like human being have different personalities. While all dogs are intelligent with a great sense of following orders and learning to adjust to different situations we humans teach them, some may require extra care and consideration. Boxer dog training should be made fun, that way both yourself and the dog will adapt to each other and enjoy it.

Think about getting some Discount Dog Supply Training Tools
There are a ton of discount dog supply training tools and devices on the market. If one is looking to teach obedience or special skills, utilization of the tools listed below will help facilitate the training process.


The venerable “Clicker” is probably the most common dog training device on the market. If you are looking for a discount dog supply training tool, the Clicker is a must have. Essentially, the Clicker teaches the dog to react to sound in a more humane way than the old silent dog whistles that used to be sold out of the novelty ads in Amazing Spider Man comics circa 1970.
When you want to train the dog to stay away from the window, for example, you can teach the dog by using the Clicker and associating the sound with a ‘stay away’ sound.

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